• The Spoon is open
  • Bowl of squash soup topped with pumpkin seeds, parsley and pomegranate, with a slice of bread on the side, all on top of a blue-grey background with event text surrounding the image
  • Faded white drawing of hands making a mug using rolled strands of pottery clay. All over top of a orange background, surrounded by event text and a faded white border.
  • Bowl of fresh honey with wooden honey spoon and slice of lemon, surrounded by event text
  • Cabbage with textured leaves uncut and a butchers knife laying to its right both on a smooth white wood cutting board, kitchen towels in the background. event text surrounding image and blocks of text with event descriptions over top.
  • Gray knitted fabric in background, with a pink circular gradient on top.  On the gradient, event details for Beginner Knitting workshop in the colours blue and white.
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