Our sourcing philosophy is rooted in our vision of a sustainable, inclusive, and just food system. Our fare aims to be:

● Seasonal

● Locally and ecologically produced

● Affordable

● Vegetarian, with vegan and gluten-free options available

● Healthy and delicious

● Made from whole foods, with minimal packaged and processed foods

● Small in ecological footprint, big in flavour

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Peterborough Farmers’ Markets and the Spoon

The Spoon works with individual farmers in order to meet our food production needs. We try our best to ensure that the vendors we support either produce their own foods or work in partnership with other local growers to supply harvested produce. We aim to seek out producers and farmers that share the Spoon’s values and contribute to the creation of a just food system. Staying true to our mandate and sourcing policy, we strive to:

Person ladling food into a bowl

• Serve ethically sourced, fairly traded, locally or organically grown foods that meet diverse dietary needs.

• Increase awareness, encourage advocacy, and inspire action around food issues through education and by fostering active debate.

• To strengthen the Peterborough food system and to promote food justice within our community.