We are happy to be open again, but things still look a little different at the Spoon this year. In order to work to keep everyone safe, here are some things you may want to know before visiting the cafe.


This year the café will be open for take-out Monday to Friday from 11:00am - 3:30pm.

Space Protocols

We are doing our best to serve you as smoothly as possible while maintaining social distancing, health, safety, and sanitizing protocols. Masks are required in all buildings at Trent, so please remember to bring yours when visiting the Spoon. Please enter the Spoon through the Champlain hallway, exit into the back courtyard, and maintain six feet between other patrons at all times. All food will be served by the Spoon staff in take out containers. Due to our new space capacity, we ask that you take your food to go. There is lots of space in the Great Hall so we invite you eat your lunch there, or enjoy the great outdoors while the weather is still nice! The courtyard exit is not currently accessible, but not to fret, those with accessibility needs may exit through the front door where they entered. 

Compostable Take-away containers

While we cannot serve you on our plates, we encourage you to bring your own cutlery and take away containers. All our containers can be composted or recycled on site. Compost created is used to fertilize the gardens around campus, including the Trent Vegetable Gardens, from whom we get much of our produce.

Mix of Online and in-person Events

We have limited our in-person events to 8 people to ensure that they can reamin socially distanced. Some of our larger events, such as our community meals, will still be held online until further notice. Please check out our events page for more information.

Find more information about Trent’s coronavirus plan here

Find out more information about our Health and Safety plans here: