Food is at the core of everything we do at the Spoon and how our food is sourced is rooted in our vision of a sustainable and just food system.

Our fare aims to be:

Seasonally based – made from ingredients grown in this region
Locally and ecologically produced
Vegetarian, with vegan and gluten-free options available
Healthy and delicious
Distinctive (i.e. does not replicate other meals available on campus)
Made from whole, or minimally packaged and processed foods
Small in ecological footprint, big in flavour
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Food Sensitivities Notice
At the Seasoned Spoon we take allergies and food sensitivities seriously and strive to keep gluten-free foods safe from contamination. We do however have a mixed kitchen and while many of our ingredients are gluten-free, including our tamari and oats, the risk of gluten or other allergen-contamination is always present. Some common allergens that are found in our kitchen include: sesame, soy, and wheat/gluten. We do not use peanuts in our kitchen.
If you have questions or concerns, please talk to one of our staff.
Peterborough Farmers Markets and the Spoon
The past year has seen some fundamental shifts in where Peterborough area residents and businesses source their local foods. With the Peterborough Farmers’ Market facing controversy and the new Peterborough Regional Farmers’ Market launching downtown, The Spoon has had to make some decisions on where to seek out produce for the café.
Fortunately, The Seasoned Spoon’s mandate acts as a guide for our constantly updated list of producers/growers to work with. Among our objectives are to:
Serve ethically sourced, fairly traded, locally or organically grown foods that meet diverse dietary needs.
Increase awareness, encourage advocacy and inspire action around food issues through education and by fostering active debate.
To strengthen the Peterborough food system and to promote food justice within our community.
For this reason, The Spoon works with individual farmers, not farmers’ markets, in order to meet its food production needs. We try our best to ensure that the vendors we support either produce their own foods or work in partnership with other local growers to supply harvested produce. We are proud to seek out farms and farmers that not only produce healthy crops, but also contribute to a healthy society and food system.

Person ladling food into a bowl

Our ingredients are sourced from farmers at all three local markets (The Peterborough Farmers’ Market, The Peterborough Regional Farmers’ Market, and the Wednesday Peterborough Downtown Farmers’ Market), as well as from growers not currently selling at any of the Peterborough markets. They are sourced from farms and farmers that we trust. 
This, we believe, continues to strengthen the Peterborough food system and fosters healthy partnerships in both food security and food justice.
It also means that we access nutritious and delicious ingredients from growers who are passionate about local food production and the community that it feeds.
And that’s a bounty that we can all enjoy!