Our Cafe Menu
Our café menu is inspired by the changing seasons and always features a diverse selection of dishes made with delicious locally sourced, organic ingredients. We aim to ensure that there is something on offer to meet all dietary needs and our daily menu always includes vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options. 
Here’s our daily menu break-down:
Drinks: We offer fair trade coffees and teas as well as refreshing Black River Juices
Breakfast: New this year we will be offering some early morning options to help start your day! Pop in for a bowl of granola or one of our delicious house baked scones. All of our amazing baked goods will also be available!
Wraps: A delicious daily wrap designed with seasonally available produce. Gluten-free folks can always opt for the “get your wrap in a bowl” option instead
Soup: Sensational soups are a Spoon staple! Choose from two soup options every day, a house soup that switches up with the seasons and a daily soup special to keep your options open.
Salad:  Fresh garden-grown greens form the basis of our delicious fall salads.  With a touch of seasonal vegetables and choice of dressing, these salads are sure to satisfy. During the winter months, try our hearty winter salads available on rotation. Classic potato, sesame slaw, roasted beet and pesto pasta are some favourites you will be sure to want to sample
Bowl: Build your own bowl bonanza! Come explore all the different delicious bowls you can create. Choose from seasonal veg, a variety of different protein options and sauces. All served on top of a warm bed of rice.  
Daily Special: As if this wasn’t enough, we also have a new special every day! Daily specials rotate with the seasons and may include delectable dishes such as shepherds’ pie, chili, curry, lasagna, risotto, stuffed squash or baked beans. Three days a week there will be a $5 special for the economically minded foodies!
Snacks: Looking for a quick bite? Try one of our house made hand-pies or grab a hummus plate with fresh cut veggies and corn chips!

Chickpea wrap cut in half



A bowl of food with a napkin and fork next to it

What’s the scoop on our seasonal menu changes?

There are lots of great reasons to eat seasonally. Catering our menu according to the seasons allows us to purchase locally available produce. Buying locally means supporting local farmers, supporting the local economy, protecting the environment, keeping food costs low and getting the best tasting ingredients on your plate! Produce that is not in season often comes from large companies, needs to be transported long distances and doesn’t bring the same benefits to farmers, the local economy or the environment. This produce is often picked long before it ripens and is selected for its ability to be shipped long distances, rather than its flavour. This means the tomato you might get in the winter isn't as bursting with flavour as the ones we get from the gardens in fall. Anyone who has tasted the difference know what we’re talking about! Serving locally sourced food also helps us get creative with our menus, finding new and exciting taste combinations to suit the ever changing ingredients. Meaning you get a wide variety of options, so you never get bored!

We also employ a number of techniques to diversify how we source seasonally. Every summer we hire a couple of staff members to preserve summer produce from the Trent Vegetable Gardens and farmers market. By freezing and drying food during the summer months, we are able to provide local items such as pesto, peppers, corn or strawberries throughout the winter months.

In addition, we are able to store large batches of the fall harvest in our off-the-grid root cellar. Learn more about it here.

Finally, we work with local growers, such as Jan Laurie from the Sprouthouse and the Trent Market Gardens to keep fresh greens in the café throughout much of the year.