Our Finances

As a not-for-profit cooperative, the Spoon is accountable to its members. The Board of Directors oversees the finances of the organization. We present our annual budget and year-end financials to our members at our AGM. Any member in good standing can request a set of these financials by writing to seasonedspoon@trentu.ca with your membership number. Members are also welcome to attend board meetings at any time.


Levy Information

Women writing on a piece of paper behind a counterThe Seasoned Spoon is the grateful recipient of a Trent student levy. We are very appreciative of this continued support, as these funds are central to our viability as an organization. Levy money is an integral support for the Spoon and it enables us to carry out our mandate. Levy money allows us to:
• Pay hardworking farmers fairly,
• Subsidize café prices of locally grown and organic food,
• Offer a variety of weekly workshops, community meals, for-credit research projects and other educational opportunities
• Provide meaningful employment to a number of student staff
• Embark on special projects, such as our sustainably-built root cellar
Our aim is to be accessible and receptive to the needs of the Trent community, and we are always happy to hear your ideas and suggestions. Your levy money helps us to operate effectively and to continually improve our services.
Levy Refunds
While we hope that you decide to make the Spoon your space by visiting the café, becoming a member, and supporting us with your levy money, our levy is refundable so you have the choice to opt out of paying this fee. The refund request deadline for the Fall term is September 30th. Due to the university billing process the Spoon can only issue refunds for one semester at a time. For the Winter Semester the levy refund request deadline is January 31st.
We apologize to those students who would like to request a refund, but who have missed the deadline. It is important to the Spoon that we set a deadline early in the semester to allow us set a budget. This policy enables us to be fiscally responsible as money received through the student levy is spent throughout the course of the school year.
If you have any questions, please contact the Seasoned Spoon Executive Director at seasonedspoon@trentu.ca.