Academic Connections

Community Service Learning Projects
The Spoon partners with various courses to offer Community Service Learning Project options for students. Community Service-Learning projects are usually 20 hours in length and are undertaken as assignments within courses. These projects offer students the opportunity to get hands on in community organizations related to their field of study while gaining academic credit. The work supports the day-to-day functioning of the Spoon, and assignments usually consist of activities such as chopping vegetables, organizing the root cellar or helping out with events. In order to take part in a community service learning project, students need to be enrolled in a participating course. These courses can be found on the academic calendar.

Flower in a field of green behind Trent University

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems at Trent
The Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems (SAFS) program at Trent offers a wide range of food and agriculture-related courses, in both the Arts and Science streams.  These courses are the product of collaboration by several departments, including Anthropology, Biology, Environmental Science/Studies, Geography, History, Indigenous Studies, International Development Studies and Political Studies.  The SAFS Program, builds on Trent University's strengths in interdisciplinary education and challenges students to think critically about contemporary global food and agricultural systems while providing tools to effect change. This program also builds on a strong foundation of sustainable food work at Trent. The Spoon helps students make the link between their academic studies and the on the ground food system work.