Our Supporters, Partners and Friends
Since 2003 the Spoon has been located in Champlain College. We owe a great debt to the College and the University for providing us the space to run the café and carry out our mandate. Four children laughing and smiling
In addition to support from Trent, we’ve had the good fortune of collaborating with a number of student, campus and downtown organizations to run workshops, events, campaigns and projects. 
Our partners, past and present include: 
Centre for Women and Trans People (CWTP)
The Trent Lands Plan Process and the importance of agricultural space on campus

Trent University is recently underwent a lands planning process. We engaged with the process and specifically, we asked that:

-The Trent Vegetable Gardens remain in its current location with space provided for the Trent Market Garden and Trent Apiary in the fields north of the TVG plot. The proximity of the growing spaces to campus and accessibility for students is of utmost importance to these operations.

-That future construction and road developments minimize any impacts on these sites.

-That these growing spaces are represented in the official TLNAP maps circulated to the public.

-That the Lands Plan committee foster a collaborative consultation between Trent's community of stakeholder groups that are expressing a need to share information and concerns.

Learn more and have your say here:
Here is the submission from the Seasoned Spoon, in coordination with the Trent Vegetable Gardens, the Trent Market Garden, the Trent Apiary and the SAFS Society: